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Introducing the Komodo Evolve Jr Youth Paddle – Where Big Dreams Begin!

Calling all young Pickleball enthusiasts aged 8-12! Get ready to ignite your passion for the game with the Komodo Evolve Jr Youth Paddle – the ultimate tool for aspiring Little Dragons everywhere!

Crafted with care and precision by Komodo, the Evolve Jr Youth Paddle is not just any paddle – it’s a game-changer! Designed with the needs of young players in mind, this paddle packs a punch despite its smaller size. Made with a durable fiberglass face, it offers the perfect blend of reliability, strength, and consistency to fuel your skill development journey.

Measuring at 2/3 the size of a typical adult paddle, the Evolve Jr is tailored for young hands, with dimensions of 13 3/4″ long, a 4″ handle length, and a 3 1/2″ grip circumference. It’s the perfect fit for juniors, providing ease of handling while maintaining the effectiveness of a traditional paddle face shape.

Join the Little Dragons movement today and grab your Komodo Evolve Jr Youth Paddle – because greatness starts small, but dreams know no bounds!


Skill Level: Beginner Youth

Average Weight: 6.3oz - 6.5oz
Height: 14"
Width: 7"
Grip Length: 4"
Thickness: 12mm
Surface Area: Largest
Face: Fiberglass Rough
Inner: PP Honeycomb
Paddle shape: Rectangle 
Grip: Black leather with purple stitching


Introducing Little Dragons: Igniting Passion for Pickleball in Every Child! 

At KOMODO™, we believe every child deserves the chance to discover the joy of Pickleball, regardless of their financial circumstances.  How does it work? It's simple: For every paddle purchased, Komodo Pickleball will generously donate a paddle to a player who may otherwise be unable to afford one. That means when you invest in your own game, you're also investing in the future of Pickleball and brightening a young player's day!

But Little Dragons is more than just a charity initiative. It's a movement. It's about spreading the love for Pickleball far and wide, nurturing a community of passionate players of all ages, and empowering our youngest enthusiasts to dream big and play even bigger!

Join us in this exhilarating journey as we equip Little Dragons with the tools they need to soar on the Pickleball court! Together, we can make a difference, one paddle at a time.  Don't just play Pickleball – play with purpose. Join us and be a part of something truly special. Let's ignite a lifelong love for Pickleball in every child's heart! 

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