INCLUDES: Neopreme Paddle Cover, Paddle cleansing eraser, Neck band, and Komodo Over-grip.

Katana – Box Set


Designed for BALANCE oriented ADVANCED players

The KATANA will bring a new slice of power, accuracy, and touch to your game. Forged from state-of-the-art materials, the KATANA will evolve your game. Made from the highest quality most durable and precise design for a feel of a superior weapon.

With this next level paddle, players get a better feel, touch on dinks, and drop shots. For power from within the Kevlar® comes explosions of pure drive and pinpoint accuracy for put aways.

The KATANA is not just built with the highest quality inside, the outside is pure Kevlar® with a newly hyperspin technology, giving the player wielding the KATANA a powerful edge on spin.

Skill Level (Intermediate – Advanced)


Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Power Rating: 8.25/10
Control: 9.0/10
Spin: 9.5/10
Weight: 7.3/7.8
Grip Size: 4 3/8"
Surface: Advanced Kevlar®
Core Material: Adv Poly Pro
Core Thickness: 15mm
Total Thickness: 16mm
Swing Weight: 99
Height: 16.4"
Width: 7.4"
Grip Length: 5"


Low-profile, perfectly balanced technology and durable edge guard. KOMODO Face Proprietary bi-directional, cross-weave Kevlar technology designed to achieve a larger sweet spot to generate maximum power, provide optimal spin and perfectly executed dink.

Our proprietary Kevlar® has a revolutionary face forged with superior craftsmanship bringing the newest technologies together, you will have the sharpest weapon on the courts.

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