We Are Komodo

Komodo Pickleball is a Colorado-based company that involves a team of rated players in its research and development process. The R&D team includes numerous rated players whose feedback contributes to the development of Komodo’s equipment and philosophy.

Notably, Andre Agassi, a former World No. 1 tennis player with 8 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic Gold Medalist, has joined the ownership group of Komodo Pickleball, further enhancing the brand’s profile and expertise in the sports industry.

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Our Story

The creation of Komodo Pickleball was inspired by the idea of developing innovative pickleball products. The company’s philosophy is built around out-of-the-box ideas, and its inspiration comes from a visionary approach. The brand was born in Colorado, providing ample opportunities to test its products in various playing conditions. The research and development team at Komodo Pickleball includes numerous rated players, whose feedback contributes to the development of every piece of equipment and the brand’s philosophy. 

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Komodo has made a significant impact on the pickleball industry by introducing innovative products that have been well-received by players. Komodo paddles are known for their quality and performance, offering features tailored to different playing styles. All Komodo paddles are designed to be durable and well-balanced, catering to intermediate to professional skill levels. The brand’s paddles are known for their precision engineering and are used by many top pickleball players

Our Products

Our Products

Our pickleballs are designed to perform well, offering consistent flight, bounce, and durability. Komodo Pickleballs are rotationally molded as one piece with 40 precisely drilled holes, engineered for outdoor and hard-court play, and approved for tournament play, meeting all USAPA/IFP/WPA regulations.