Tanto Pro Series


Introducing the unstoppable force of the KOMODO TANTO

Aramid and Raw T700 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle – the newest jewel in our illustrious Pro-Series lineup! Crafted for champions, this pinnacle paddle boasts a revolutionary aerodynamic curved design coupled with a robust 14mm thick Aramid core, delivering unparalleled control and sensation while packing the punch needed to reign supreme on the court.

Equipped with our game-changing HYPER SPIN EDGE WALL, encasing the paddle’s perimeter for heightened stability, the Komodo Tanto guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring it stands the test of time and competition. The Komodo Tanto is meticulously engineered to amplify power for players who consistently find the sweet spot with pinpoint accuracy. Its meticulously tailored shape and dimensions, combined with premium-grade materials, grant you total mastery over each and every shot, delivering unparalleled dominance.

At the core of the Pro Series Tanto lies the formidable 14mm Aramid honeycomb, channeling relentless force behind every swing. Paired with our exclusive Toray T700 Raw Carbon fiber face, prepare to unleash unparalleled spin, granting you even greater command over the ball. For those who demand nothing short of perfection in control, power, and sensation, the Komodo Tanto Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle stands as the unequivocal choice, beckoning serious players to seize their rightful place at the apex of the game.


Skill Level: Advanced to Professional

Power Rating: 9.5/10
Control: 9.0/10
Spin: 9.5/10
Weight: 8.0 oz (+/-.5)
Grip Size: 4 1/4"
Surface: T700 Carbon Fiber (Raw)
Core Material: Advanced Aramid Pro
Core Thickness: 13mm
Total Thickness: 14mm
Swing Weight: 99


Introducing the T700 Toray Carbon Fiber Surface!  Get ready to experience unrivaled durability and industry-leading spin and dwell time like never before! With just the right amount of texture, it's your ultimate ticket to elevating your game to the next level! 

Get pumped for CONSISTENCY like never before!   Say hello to the Massive Sweet Spot! With its redesigned internal composition, get ready for an EXPANDED sweet spot that'll blow your mind! Say goodbye to vibrations and hello to ultimate shot consistency and control!  Get ready to dominate the game like never before!

Get hyped for COMFORT & SPEED like never before! Introducing the Fortified Handle! Experience the thrill of a brand-new, ergonomic grip geometry powered by carbon fiber magic! Say goodbye to pesky vibrations and hello to lightning-fast hand and paddle speed at the net!  Get ready to elevate your game with unparalleled comfort and lightning speed!  

Get ready to unleash the power of DURABILITY like never before!  Say goodbye to weak points with our carbon fiber reinforcement! Experience the ultimate in structural integrity as we take your game to the next level! Get ready for mind-blowing power and pop that will leave your opponents in awe!  Let's dominate the game together! 

Skill Level (Advanced – Professional)

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